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Cough Wholesale is presenting today RoboCough, one of the most eye-catching medicines in the cough suppression market. With a very special logo and a sincere offering, RoboCough is looking to earn a position among consumers’ minds as a trendy choice for modern people and old-timers alike. The syrup is manufactured in the United States of America by DXM Pharmaceuticals a company based in Texas and lead by Steve Sanders. Since it was introduced RoboCough has quickly resonated with customers with online stores in Amazon.com and Shopify. The product proved to be successful enough to move to their operations to their own website. With a strong product and a marketing strategy designed with customer satisfaction in mind, the company is running a business based on trust and effectiveness. Today Cough Wholesale is offering the best deal in RoboCough medicine.

RoboCough comes presented as grape-flavored syrup in a pocket-sized bottle providing 15 doses of 3ml, each one containing 30mg of NyQuil (Dextromethorphan). The compound is one of the most efficient cough disputer. RoboCoughinvites new customers to try out the medicine, they just need to visit https://robocough.com/ and get a free sample shipped free of charge to their home address. After trying out the product, customers can check the company’s comparison table where they can see for themselves how RoboCough offer the lowest price per dose of any cough-relieve medicine in the market with the cost of each dose set as low as $1.3. Users can choose to buy two bottles at $11.98 and pay $5.99 for each one. They can also go for a better offer by getting 12 bottles of RoboCough for $65.88 and pay $5.49 for each bottle, or they can get the best value by getting 24 bottles of the medicine at $119.76 and pay $4.99 for each bottle. Entrepreneurs looking to become wholesaler RoboCough are also welcome.

The distribution service for this medicine is available in New York, Toronto, Virginia, Houston and other major cities in America.

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Robo Cough Suppressant
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The distribution service for this medicine is available in Alaska, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Virginia, Houston & other major cities in America & Canada.